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Never In a Million Years, Now Available on CD

We are happy to announce that the album is now ready for purchase in real life, hard copy, CD format!

We have listed it with The artwork turned out especially nice and includes a booklet with all the lyrics. We’re oldschool like that.

So for everyone who has been asking, off you go! Purchase away!



In a year-end review of Cincinnati music, CityBeat magazine has named “Never in a Million Years” by The Sleep as one of the best albums of 2009. Read the full article here.

The Sleep Nominated for Best of 2009 CEA

We are honored to announce that The Sleep has been nominated for Best of 2009 Cincinnati Entertainment Award (CEA) in the “experimental/electronic” category. The band is very surprised and excited and are asking fans to go to the CEA site and vote. And you don’t have to live in Cincinnati to vote! Voting continues until mid-November.

Click here to vote!

Emission on The Sleep

Lucy Kalantari of Luciar and Elwood Emission wrote a lovely review of Never in a Million Years on her blog. Here’s a taste:

On my first listen to Never in a Million Years, I noticed how I had been listening to instrumentals for quite some time before hearing any vocals–for about 6 minutes in fact. I understood immediately that The Sleep lays emphasis on ambience, vibe and sonic texture… Track 5 “Take Me” is one of my favorites on the album. The taunting phrase, “is it worth it?” made me second guess what I had been doing at the time, as if the song were talking to me directly. I remembered this wasn’t a voice on my head, but a song I was listening to. Powerful stuff.

Pop over to A Few Little Notes and check out the rest of what she had to say. You can click on links to check out her music while you are there.

Thanks so much, Lucy!


We are happy to premiere our very first music video! It is for the song “That Part of You.” It was directed by Bill Poff and we love it! Especially in HD!


Please watch it, rate it, comment on it, link to it! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, EMBED IT WHEREVER YOU PLEASE! Below is a link to the video on Vimeo. You can watch and even download it there in HD.

Watch and download at Vimeo

We couldn’t have done it without the help of the following people! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this project. You guys made it happen!

The Sleep is:
Neil Smith
Laura Smith
Dave Eberhardt

Directed by William Poff

Susan Jung – Woman
Steven Brumer – Man

Ben Saunders – Director of Photography
Thomas Green – Key Grip
Jim Tobergta – Production Design
Peggy Edwards – Costumes
Christa Harrison – Laura’s Makeup
Susan Pagliaro – Editor
Neil Smith – Post Production

Special Thanks To:
Jennie Chacon
Paula Rakestraw
Wilma Gaunt
Dave Flege
Pat Tobergta
Gayle’s Vintage Clothing
Riverside Center Antique Mall


In the very near future, The Sleep will be releasing their first music video from the album Never in a Million Years. In the meantime, check out some photos taken at the video shoot.


Peace: The Sleep Mix
May 28, 2009, 6:32 am
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The Sleep has done a really cool remix for Depeche Mode’s next single, “Peace.” It is for a remix contest sponsored by Beatportal. This is the first official Depeche Mode endorsed remix contest ever!

Here’s where you come in. The 10 highest vote-getters will be submitted to Depeche Mode; the band and Mute Records will decide the winner.

Here’s how to vote:

Go here:

Register for the site. (Sorry you have to do this, but if you don’t, the vote won’t count!)

Sign in.

Click where it says “spin it.”

That’s it!

We really appreciate your support on this! It is a rare chance to get our work heard by our favorite band.

Thanks, everyone!

The Sleep on Amazon MP3

Never In A Million Years is now available on Amazon. The album is indeed available for purchase in a DRM-free, high quality MP3 format. You can buy the album here at Amazon.

NOTE: The folks over there at Amazon have messed up our name and have our album listed with another band called “Sleep.” They assure us they are working on getting this resolved. We’ll believe it when we see it. – The Sleep



The Sleep has been selected as featured “Local Sound” on 97.3 The Sound – a Cincinnati radio station – for the week of March 23, 2009

Full details here.

The Sleep Podcast

Listen to alternative electronic band, The Sleep [Neil Smith, Laura Smith and Dave Eberhardt], as they discuss the making of their debut album, Never In A Million Years, in a track-by-track commentary. With special guests Will Crewdson and Tony Miracle.

Available for free on iTunes

Click here to download directly or listen online.