The Sleep

Never In a Million Years, Now Available on CD

We are happy to announce that the album is now ready for purchase in real life, hard copy, CD format!

We have listed it with The artwork turned out especially nice and includes a booklet with all the lyrics. We’re oldschool like that.

So for everyone who has been asking, off you go! Purchase away!


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That’s great news! Very good album by the way, really like the music.


Comment by Yves Schelpe

Thanks, Yves!

Comment by thesleep

GREAT that you decided to release the album also on CD!
But createspace’s shipping costs are really a shame, they want 14.20 for shipping, while the CD itself costs only 11.00 USD… that’s not really reasonable… so I will go and order from instead, they only want 6.48 for shipping from the States to Europe…

Comment by Michael

Don’t blame you on the shipping – sometime they really get you with the overseas stuff. Even when it’s pretty cheap to mail one! Thanks for buying one, whatever the method!

Comment by thesleep

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