The Sleep

The Sleep Podcast

Listen to alternative electronic band, The Sleep [Neil Smith, Laura Smith and Dave Eberhardt], as they discuss the making of their debut album, Never In A Million Years, in a track-by-track commentary. With special guests Will Crewdson and Tony Miracle.

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Thanks for sharing the making of this great album! This is the 1st Podcast of yours I’ve listened to. I have been avoiding your other Podcast as it seems to cover lots of BSG (at least in the notes it looks that way). I have not watched the modern BSG, but intended to and don’t want any spoilers!

I keep forgetting to mention that I love the photo on the cover of the album!

Comment by Jim

Hi jim! I understand about not wanting to spoil BSG. I will tell you that since our other podcast is monthly, we don’t talk specifically about individual BSG episodes. We talk about it more in a general sense, discussion the writing, the look, the sets, the graphics, the characters. Other listeners have gone on to watch the show from the beginning and not felt that it was spoiled. That said, the BSG segment is easy to skip through, should you choose to go that route.

Anyway, thanks for listening to The Sleep podcast! It was really fun to put together and it felt good to share a little more personal angle to the songs.

Comment by thesleep

I forgot I had a question. Where does the song “Lying on the Ground with Your Eyes Closed” fit into this album? Just a bonus single?

Comment by Jim

It is a bonus track – it was another instrumental that just didn’t fit the flow of the album. There is actually another one that we might release as a free download in the future as well.

Comment by thesleep

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