The Sleep

Emission on The Sleep

Lucy Kalantari of Luciar and Elwood Emission wrote a lovely review of Never in a Million Years on her blog. Here’s a taste:

On my first listen to Never in a Million Years, I noticed how I had been listening to instrumentals for quite some time before hearing any vocals–for about 6 minutes in fact. I understood immediately that The Sleep lays emphasis on ambience, vibe and sonic texture… Track 5 “Take Me” is one of my favorites on the album. The taunting phrase, “is it worth it?” made me second guess what I had been doing at the time, as if the song were talking to me directly. I remembered this wasn’t a voice on my head, but a song I was listening to. Powerful stuff.

Pop over to A Few Little Notes and check out the rest of what she had to say. You can click on links to check out her music while you are there.

Thanks so much, Lucy!